Epic Pigs

Epic Pigs grew bored of their own planet and have decided to infiltrate Earth. They want to create chaos in our lives - Scoundrels!
Smoking all day and intimidating civilians with their dangerous weapons and meanacing tattoos, you better stay on their good side. However the real villains stay hidden. Safe at the top of the social ladder, the sly businessmen are spineless and will do what ever it takes to increase their wealth.

Will we ever go back to normality with these ghastly pigs taking over?

EpicPig #?????

0.08 ETH?/10000

EpicPig #?????

0.08 ETH?/10000

EpicPig #?????

0.08 ETH?/10000

EpicPig #?????

0.08 ETH?/10000

NFT Collection

Epic Pigs collection has many variations and rarity types such as common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythics.

Every Epic Pig has their own stats which have different max levels depending on their rarity, these are stamina, strength, intelligence, dexterity and charisma.

Collection distribution: 3996 Common, 2999 Uncommon, 1999 Rare, 700 Epic, 300 Legendary, 6 Mythic.

Pigs to Charity

We would like to give back to the community and are committed to helping animals.

As such, after the mythical Epic Pig auction we will be sending ETH to our charity of choice, Animal Ethics.

"He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."

- Emmanuel Kant



10k Unique Epic Pigs will be minted and sold.

Random EpicPigs will be randomly given away to early community supporters.


The true identity and stats of all Epic Pig NFTs will be revealed.

Good luck!


A mythic and exclusive Epic Pig will be placed on a bid.


Collaborate with Animal Ethics.

We have reached our target, we have enough funds to now develop the project into its true potential. We have our ideas but we will have a voting system to allow community input into the future of EpicPigs.

Could these pigs evolve? It has already been seen and it is not the first case of pigs that manage to evolve, will any of these bastards manage to reach their fullest potential?

Each of these 10000 Epic Pigs are unique in their appearance, but do not get caught up on this as the true power of the pigs like in their stats.